The Livewell Kershaw Community Health Improvement Plan

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The CHIP Process


We kicked off a Health Improvement Plan for Kershaw County on Wednesday, March 27th, 2019. Residents and leaders worked together to determine what top three health priorities should be addressed over the next three years. After completing a data walk and table discussion for each of the seven potential topics, the group determined Access to Care, Mental Health, and Obesity should be top of mind moving forward. Individuals signed up for workgroups that will take a deeper dive into each of these topics to create actionable steps, along with specific measures for implementation. Follow along on this journey to health improvement for Kershaw County.
Special thanks to our core team facilitators for the day: Breanna Grant, Representative Laurie Funderburk, Laurey Carpenter, Sallie Harrell, Susan Witkowski, Tina Griggs, and Linda Pekuri.

Coverage from the Health Improvement Plan from the Chronicle-Independent 


CHIP Work Groups

May 3rd, 2019 We wrapped up a full April and the reconvening of community individuals to lend feedback on the Community Health Improvement Plan components that were drafted by our three workgroups (1. Access to Care, 2. Mental Health, 3. Obesity). Special thanks to workgroup team members April Wach, Joanna Craig, Robin McAlpine, Sean Putnam, Amy Kinard, Laurie Funderburk and Michael Conley for their presentations of progress to date. After reviewing each workgroups’ plans, individuals had opportunity to provide feedback on the following areas: 1. What recommendations do you have based on this to make the plan stronger? 2. What do you like? 3. What would you change? 4. What have we not included? This feedback was incorporated into our plan!