LWK Health Ambassadors bring Brain Breaks to the classroom

The Health Ambassadors presented their Brain Breaks program to school administrators and faculty at schools. As a result, both LEHS and CHS are moving forward with implementation. LEHS has made Brain Breaks a required part of the curriculum.

Teachers have been provided with packets of resources, tools, and demonstrations on activities to conduct.

Moving forward, the Health Ambassadors are collecting and tracking data on their implemented strategies to improve the health and well-being of their peers.

What is a brain break?

Mental break to help students get energized and/or relaxed

Refresh the brain and help students stay focused

3-5 minutes long

Get students moving! Blood flowing!

Keep students engaged.

Lowers stress and helps students relax

Lowers hypertension

Refocus during long class periods

Examples include:

Listening to music – “Playlist for Personal Power”

Stretching – Yoga Poses (ex: Warrior One)

Playing Games – Snap, Crackle, Pop

Mindfulness – Breath work and Meditation