Meet Our Staff

Kathryn Johnson, MPH

Livewell Kershaw Coalition Director

Mary Reames

Heath Ambassador Coordinator

Linda Pekuri, MPH, RD, LD
Health Improvement Facilitator

Our Members

Destiny Harris

Lugoff-Elgin High School

My name is Destiny Harris. I’m a Senior at Lugoff-Elgin High School. I love reading and swimming and I spend most of my free time writing poetry. I joined LiveWell Kershaw Coalition to engage and get the experience in the health field. I would love to take the information I gain from this internship and apply it to Lugoff-Elgin and my personal life. I would like to apply for a grant for fresh food. It would also be great to get breaks and a space for students to be able to relax and ease up students stress. One of my many dreams is to have a greenhouse ran by students and staff of LE for our own school and possibly the community.

Izabella Baipho

North Central High School

I am Izabella Baipho a Junior at North Central High. Now I am a Health Ambassador for the school. I really hope to improve health conditions in my school. This summer I want to learn skills to help me and my fellow students implement a student-led wellness organization at my school. I want to add brain breaks into the school day at North Central to improve both health and academics.

Deniah Arthur

Camden High School

My name is Deniah Arthur and I love physical activities such as sports and being outside venturing out. I am currently a junior at Camden High School and I applied to this program to learn more about the aspects of health for myself and for the students within my school. I would like to incorporate a mental health program within my school to help deal with stress and their emotions. This picture relates to a team building exercise my team and I did with a maze, which taught us to accept help and not be afraid to ask for it.

Our Partners