LiveWell Coalition Member Community Commitment

In order to be a LiveWell Coalition member, individuals of organizations across community sectors must be willing to give time, energy, and effort to the advancement of population health in Kershaw County. Coalition members must also recognize that the Coalition’s ultimate goal is to move Kershaw County from ranking sixteen in overall health outcomes to number one in overall health outcomes in South Carolina. This coalition will be “rolling up our sleeves” as opposed to simply “sitting around the table.” by signing up below, represents your commitment to the coalition and its goals.

LiveWell Kershaw Coalition members must agree to:


  • Attend monthly coalition meetings.
  • Choose which health influencers of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Model (see to left) that their organization and/or sector will address.
  • Use the tools and resources provided by Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas; Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the LiveWell Kershaw Coalition Director to support their work and track the information needed to report back to the funder.