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Hi, my name is Seth Long and I’m from Camden Military Academy. I am an intern for the Kershaw Coalition. My goal is to establish a club led by me in my school where kids can come together to bond and feel like they can open up with their peers. I want them to come and enjoy the club to take some stress off of their shoulders and help them improve both mentally and physically. I want to establish this club at the start of this school year.


Hi! My name is Destiny Harris. I’m a Senior at Lugoff-Elgin High School. I love reading and swimming and I spend most of my free time writing poetry. I joined LiveWell Kershaw Coalition to engage and get the experience in the health field. I would love to take the information I gain from this internship and apply it to Lugoff-Elgin and my personal life. I would like to apply for a grant for fresh food. It would also be great to get breaks and a space for students to be able to relax and ease up students stress. One of my many dreams is to have an greenhouse ran by students and staff of LE for our own school and possibly the community.

My name is Deniah Arthur and I love physical activities such as sports and being outside venturing out. I am currently a junior at Camden High School and I applied to this program to learn more about the aspects of health for myself and for the students within my school. I would like to incorporate a mental health program within my school to help deal with stress and their emotions. This picture relates to a team building exercise my team and I did with a maze, which taught us to accept help and not be afraid to ask for it.


Hey! I am Izabella Baipho a Junior at North Central High. Now I am a Health Ambassador for the school. I really hope to improve health conditions in my school. This summer I want to learn skills to help me and my fellow students implement a student-led wellness organization at my school. I want to add brain breaks into the school day at North Central to improve both health and academics.





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1 week ago

LiveWell Kershaw

Hey everyone, it’s me Destiny Harris, your Lugoff-Elgin intern. This week we talked about stress. We had a special guest named Tina Stokes Griggs from the The ALPHA Behavioral Health Center. Ms. Griggs was awesome...she gave us some great tips on ways to relieve stress and how to recognize stress. We talked about things that stress people out such as school, work, and relationships. Ms.Griggs explained to us that not all stress is bad. In fact, stress can help build us. For example, I hate public speaking. It is a fear of mine that always stresses me out. However, it is something that improves my social skills. We also learned about how stress can affect a person . An example of this would be someone stressing over a test and not getting enough rest...then they end up not having clear a mind to pass the test. Ms. Griggs helped us create glitter jars and also did a guided meditation that left Seth and I drooling🤤 on her blankets.
I also want to give a shout out to Ms. Melia Campolong for giving us the best water aerobic lesson at the Kershaw County Parks & Recreation Department Aquatic Center. Ms.Campolong guided us through water aerobics and how it impacts different parts of the body. We used different equipment in the pool such as buoys, noodles, and water weights . I liked the water aerobics because it’s something that everyone can do. This week was very empowering because I got to learn new things. Thanks Ms. Campolong and Ms.Griggs for giving me new ideas to improve my health.

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