We’re leading together to make Kershaw the healthiest county in SC.


For the first time since 1993, overall life expectancy has dropped particularly among people younger than 65. Research attributes this to increased levels of obesity and other heart-related conditions.

To reverse this trend and prevent chronic health conditions, we have to identify youth-approved solutions to improve the health of our community. 

The LiveWell Kershaw Coalition examined data from the Community Health Needs Assessment conducted in April 2017 — funded by the Health Services District of Kershaw County — to identify the most pressing health needs of the community. “Healthy Lifestyles for Youth” was deemed the priority with specific prevention focus to diabetes, teenage sexual activity, and tobacco/vaping use among high school students ages 14-18.

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2 days ago

LiveWell Kershaw

"When he see's a problem or a need, he tries to fix it."

Another example of the solution-oriented and can-do attitude that we are seeing among our Health Improvement Plan workgroups. Thank you to all that have dedicated time and energy into addressing Access to Care, Obesity, and Mental Health in Kershaw County.

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"That's just the type of kid he is."

12-year-old Monte didn't want any more cars getting damaged by the potholes on his street. So he grabbed a shovel and went to work. via HeartThreads

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1 week ago

LiveWell Kershaw

Remember "Just Imagine It" hosted in April 2018? On April 12, 2019, the now-formed Wellness Clubs for each high school reconvened at Camden Military Academy to solidify plans for wellness projects tailored to the needs identified by their peers. Students critically examined the data from a Youth Wellbeing Assessment and determined how their clubs could move forward in addressing identified equity issues through wellness activities. LiveWell Kershaw Coalition presented each wellness club with $1,000 to aid in the implementation of their wellness projects.

Want to get involved with a wellness club? Let us know! Our summer internship application is now live.

Special thanks to Camden Military Academy for hosting our event and Photography by Julie P for capturing the day.

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our Mission

Create a healthier Kershaw County by engaging our youth

By including the youth in our process, we ensure that the population whose health we aim to improve is completely bought-in and engaged all along the way. We can also ensure confidence in the interventions created because the youth have designed what they would like to see.


some facts about us

Leading for Outcomes

Since identifying "Healthy Lifestyles for Youth" as a priority, the Livewell Kershaw Coalition has done the following:


Number of students who participated in the Youth Wellbeing Assessment


Number of focus groups held with four high schools to determine students' health priorities


Number of student Health Ambassadors trained in CQI ad model for improvement methods

Just Imagine It

April 2018

Students from across Kershaw county have begun taking action towards leading healthy lives while encouraging others to do the same.

LWK hosted Just Imagine It, a one-day workshop for high school students in Kershaw County to come together and create an action plan. During this workshop, students were taught key community solutions skills that can be embraced by students to begin to transform the culture in their schools for healthy living.

“The biggest thing that I’m taking away from this is the inspiration that I see from all the servant leaders around me,” Matthew Rush, a student at Camden Military Academy said. “It’s not easy coming up in front of everybody and saying, ‘This is how we need to change,’ not how we’re doing good. It’s difficult to point out our flaws rather than where we’re succeeding. So, you all really inspired me with that.”


Before Just Imagine It, LWK held focus groups at each Kershaw County high school. During these meetings, LWK coalition members asked students about their definition of living a healthy life and how they thought their schools could improve. The information from these conversations was summarized and incorporated into the Just Imagine It workshop.

During Just Imagine It, students were challenged to determine one or two realistic actions that can be done by August 2018 to make each school healthier. They also heard presentations from The Honorable James Davis, Chief Magistrate for Kershaw County, Thoyd Warren, Executive Director at Sumter County Disabilities & Special Needs Board, and State Rep. Laurie Slade Funderburk.

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