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LiveWell Kershaw Coalition

Local Businesses

In partnership with the South Carolina Hospital Association, LWK is implementing their Working Well program for Kershaw County employees. Kershaw County is completing an organizational assessment to drive next steps on creating a healthier workplace culture. We also have free work wellness resources for all businesses that includes infographics on healthy eating, exercise and mindfulness and a social media kit that includes wellness tips to be posted on social media sites. Feel free to share!

Eating Healthy at the Office Handout

Healthy Living and Eating LiveWell Kershaw Coalition

Local Schools- 5210

Livewell Kershaw Coalition in partnership with the Kershaw County School District promoted the 5-2-1-0 challenge for the month of February 2020. Both students and community members were encouraged to track their #5210HC healthy behaviors all month long. Eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day, limiting screen time, adding at least 1 hour of daily physical activity per day, and consuming 0 sweetened beverages can make you healthier. To learn more about 5210 Healthy Children, visit 5210.psu.edu! #KCSD5210


Fitness Circuits

The LiveWell Kershaw Coalition has made pop-up fitness circuits available to the Kershaw County community is several different parks and locations! Signage marks where the circuit begins and what exercises you can do. If you cannot do one of the moves, no problem! Do whatever movement feels most comfortable to you. Check out the videos below to learn more. Fitness Circuits are located in:

  • Kirkwood Park
  • Kendall Park
  • KC West Complex
  • Potter Park
  • Downtown Camden
  • Boykin Park

Wellness Video Series

Our wellness video series are short, yet informative wellness videos created to promote the six aspects of wellness. We’ve got everything from why smoothies are a great way to start your day to how to meditate. Interested in submitting a video? Email Kathryn Lane at kjohnson@cmcofkc.org for instructions on how to do so.

Volunteer Opportunity

We're looking for all types of speakers for this series. If you have a topic you'd like to present, awesome! We also have resources and outlines of wellness topics to provide to you if you need guidance. 

Share LiveWell on Social Media

Please feel free to share any of our Social Media Shareables below on your own social media to promote good health and wellness.

Happy and Healthy Work Tips

Happy Healthy Work Tip 1
Happy Healthy Work Tip 2
Happy Healthy Work Tip 3
Happy & Healthy Work Tip 4

Mental Health

Mental Health Tip 1
Mental Health Tip 2
Mental Health Tip 3
Mental Health Tip 4
Mental Health Tip 5
Mental Health Tip 6
Mental Health Tip 7
Mental Health Tip 8

Healthy & Hydrated

Healthy & Hydrated
Healthy & Hydrated
Healthy & Hydrated
Healthy & Hydrated
Healthy & Hydrated
Healthy & Hydrated
Healthy & Hydrated
Healthy & Hydrated

 Helping Residents Find Care & Support in Kershaw County

Use our database to find a doctor, support group and more.

Where is Care Livewell Kershaw Coalition