Coalition Meeting Minutes Thursday, May 24th , 2018

LiveWell Kershaw Coalition Meeting
Thursday, May 24 th , 2018
8:00-9:30 AM, Kershaw County School District

Attendees: Amy Kinard, Annetta Hough, April Wach, Ariel Domlyn, Darlene Lynch, George Gibson, Joanna Craig, Kat Spadacenta,
Mary Hill, Mike Conley, Rose Montgomery, Roy Fakoury, Susan Burroughs, Susan Didato, Susan Witkowski, Tiffany Warren, Yolanda

Purpose: To provide updates on the team that traveled to Denver, CO as part of SCALE 2.0, student internship process, and
understand the linkage between SCALE 2.0 and Healthy People, Healthy Carolina’s funding.

General Updates: The meeting began with sharing a video that was compiled by Julie Prickett from the “Just Imagine It” event. The video is available on LiveWell Kershaw’s Facebook page. Coalition members are encouraged to view and share this video.

SCALE 2.0 Travel Team:
Michael Conley, Kathryn Johnson, Rose Montgomery, and Yolanda Roary traveled to Denver, CO to learn alongside other SCALE 2.0 communities during a full two days. While there, Yolanda Roary co-facilitated a breakout session. The coalition is proud of Yolanda and her ability to represent LWK and Kershaw County on a national stage. These individuals represent a tripod of roles that have been successful in conducting community transformation work. These roles include an institutional leader, community champions,
and a local improvement advisor. Susan Witkowski shared how the work of LWK and other groups in the community, paired with her role, has been helpful in examining issues through a systems lens, specifically with student and community concerns over mental health. After conversations through Ad Hoc committees relating to school safety concerns, it was announced that the Health Services District of Kershaw County has agreed to fund the model of wellness coaches that has worked at North Central High School, into the other three high schools in Kershaw County. The information gathered through LWK’s focus groups and Just Imagine It event were helpful in providing qualitative data.

SCALE 2.0 + Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas:
The group took time to review the process that the coalition has undergone, as well as the original driver diagram guiding our work.
A new driver diagram was explained to represent the work of our evidence-based intervention and some of the work that the
student interns will be doing over the summer. See slides for details.

Health Ambassador Summer Internship:
There have been six applications turned in for the four internship positions available. There is a least one application for each high
school and a mixture of those that have been involved in an LWK activity and have not been involved. Details on the job description
can be found in the attached slides. The question was asked if there can be more than four interns. Some coalition members
discussed other funding sources to include all that are qualified for the position while others feel that this is valuable experience
with real world job applications in that not everyone who applies, is selected. There are volunteer opportunities available as well.

Final Thoughts:
Darlene Lynch, Technical Assistance from South Carolina Office of Rural Health, shared that the SC Cohorts are exceeded
expectations of The Duke Endowment (TDE). The progress that LWK and the other coalitions have made has led TDE to make the
decision to invest in other five SC communities for Cohort 2.

Next meeting: TBD after doodle poll completion

Kathryn Johnson can be reached at 803-813-6331 and for any additional information.