Shared Visioning

We had the opportunity to co-create a shared vision for success in working with high school youth in Kershaw County. As part of our involvement with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) as a SCALE 2.0 community, we were honored to include Executive Lead of 100Million Healthier Lives and Vice President of IHI, Dr. Soma Stout in this session. This was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how Kershaw County collaborates to create community transformation to improve population health, as evidenced by our All-America City 2018 win. Moving forward, the coalition will be presented with the information that came out of this session in order to link community resources to the support that students need. Special thanks to Amy Speaks, Rose Montgomery, Casey Robinson, Mary Anne Byrd, and Maria Spring for representing Camden High, North Central High, Camden Military Academy, Lugoff-Elgin High, and the Kershaw County School District.
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